Business Transportation Loans – Class 8 Truck Loans/Trailer Loans

More vendors and business owner/operators are tuning to CFIC Funding, Inc for their business loan needs. Our commercial trucking specialists have over 35 years in industry experience… what does that mean to you? It means the business loan offered to you will match the cash flow needs of your business, your market and your business history.

It doesn’t matter if you have perfect credit or challenged credit. We offer programs for every need. We finance all commercial classes as well.

Highlights of CFIC Funding, Inc

Truck/Trailer Loans

Transactions up to $2,000,000 and more

24-Hour Decisions

Single Owner Operator Loans and Leases

Fleet Loans and Leases

A-D Credit

Long Terms and Low Down Payment Options

Dealer Participation

At CFIC Funding, Inc. we look at every application as an opportunity to serve you and fund your business loan needs. In order to serve you better, we ask that you fill out the application legibly and as complete as possible.

Fill out your application today and start building your business the right way!

When you need to get money, think of CFIC Funding, Inc. CFIC Funding is where to get a Truck or Trailer loan!

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