Class 8 Truck Trailer Loan Older Collateral Program

CFIC Funding, Inc., offers this program with the following highlights:

650+ credits (owner/operators), any age equipment up to $50K

500+ credits (owner/operators) any age equipment with equal value in additional collateral or 30% downpayment

Truck Equipment Financing Older Collateral Program

Any type of collateral (sleeper trucks, trailers, day cabs, etc.)

No age restriction programs

No mileage restriction programs

Limited down payment requirements – 1st and last payment in advance in many programs

Up to 36/48 month terms on used equipment

Up to $750,000 transactions

No previous commercial credit required

Must be in business a minimum of 1 year

Engine rebuilds OK

Get money now… Pick up the phone and Dial 1-310-421-7370 or 310-370-4871

Fill out and send in your application today: CFIC Lease Application

Fax: 1-315-410-6823



Inventory – Commercial Trucks and Trailers for Sale or Lease