Discover the Keys to Unlocking Your Lender’s Cash Vault

You want financing to increase your revenue and profitability, but do you really know what a lender or investor is looking for? Well pay close attention because, regardless of whether you want $5,000 or $500 million dollars, lenders and investors want pretty much the same thing. They want a transaction with minimal or no risk.

No surprise there, huh? Well how do they determine the level of risk associated with a transaction? There is no short answer to that question, but we can start with a responsible, experienced and innovative management team. They look for management teams that:

• Are interested in building a sustainable and profitable business model
• Has industry experience in developing a successful business
• Works well together, complementing each other’s collaborative style
• Has skin in the game from investing their own funds in the business
• Has a management integrity that incorporates respect for their employees

Strong management teams are far more likely to establish the day-to-day operational procedures that lead to success. They have that rare perspective gained by experience to identify changing market trends and know what to do to address them and still gain market share. With a strong management team, even prior credit issues are less of an issue during the funding process.

If you have a well-planned project, credit worthy customers, sensible contracts and a willingness to cooperate, then you can find a lender or investor that will be privileged to help and finance you in growing your business. If one lender or investor won’t do it, another one will. You just have to provide them with a well conceived, compelling proposition

What we’re talking about here goes right back to good, comprehensive documentation. If you’re not sure what that documentation should be or how to say it, feel free to ask for help. Remember, the only bad question is the question never asked.

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