Don’t Overlook the Obvious — Share Your Vision to Get Funded

Earlier today I spoke with a very successful gentleman that specializes in financing dairies. We both had to agree that many more loan applications would be approved and funded if the borrower or developer did a better job with their documentation. So what’s the secret of getting deals funded? Funding gets approved based on the documentation… not based on conversation.

So when you’re ready to complete your application or send in your loan request, ask yourself: Have we included all the documents requested by the lender? If you cannot provide a specific document that was requested, explain in writing why not. If you’re business is too new, say so. If you haven’t got your tax returns back yet, say so. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, say so. Obviously, you always want to be tactful in how you say it, but say it.

Ask yourself: Have we been very thorough in describing what you want to accomplish? Can the lender or underwriter see the vision and embrace our request? This is accomplished by being thorough, but not too technical. Yes the entire point is to get the lender to embrace your vision. Have you told them why you are a safe applicant to lend to and/or partner to work with?

You also want your financial model or proforma to be clear and thorough as well. Cab you show the lender you understand your business and know how to make it grow? Have you shared realistic numbers with them? Don’t base your projections on the high end nor do you want to be too conservative either. If you do, you run the risk of looking like you don’t know how to run a successful business. That will likely get you a big red NO stamped on your application or loan request.

It is also very likely that you will need to share several prior years of tax returns and financials. Make sure they are legible and in order. If not, take the extra few hours necessary to make sure they can be easily read. Again, the easier you make it on the lender or underwriter, the better your chances.

As an example, we’ve had clients in the past that had very strong applications and loan packages, but didn’t qualify for the lender. On several occasions, the lender or I have referred these applicants to other lenders that were the right match so the applicant could get funded.

So please, don’t overlook the obvious. Be honest, be thorough. And feel free to ask if you need help.

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