Forestry Equipment Financing with Bad Credit

    • Programs available for all credit scores
    • Used equipment OK
    • Past bankruptcies OK Some programs with NO prepayment penalties
    • Previous tax liens OK
    • 3rd party/private party sales considered
    • 10% purchase option (some programs)
    • Financing available on equipment that is “essential” to the business
    • Previous bankruptcies are accepted
    • 1st time owners are accepted (some programs)
    • Previous delinquency issues are accepted
    • Smooth and quick documentation process
  • Past credit problems rarely an issue

In down times, we’ve all gotten behind. However, your bad credit doesn’t need to stand in the way of your business progress. After all, getting new or used forestry equipment can increase your income. Turn to CFIC Funding when you need financing, even those with poor credit.

We look for ways to make your forestry equipment financing experience easy, efficient and cost-effective.

To find the right financing that suits your needs while keeping long-term goals in mind you can rely on our experience, which allows us to provide the right financing for you. Our programs are designed to help you increase your cash flow that can be used for growing your Forestry business.

At CFIC Funding, we believe that tying up your funds by paying cash for equipment is unrealistic and the most expensive way to acquire that forestry equipment.

Get started with Forestry Equipment Financing with Bad Credit programs today.

Fill out an application and provide a Bill of Sale or Invoice from the seller. We can advise you within minutes with what we will need to move forward.

Pick up the phone and dial 1-424-224-7084.

Send your application, Bill of Sale (or Invoice) and Spec Sheet from the seller by email to: or by fax to: 1-315-410-6823.

When your bad credit is making you cash poor, you are slowing down the growth potential of your business. Contact us today, regardless of your credit score. CFIC Funding is here to serve you. Make that call right now to 1-424-224-7084.

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