Grocery Store Business Loans

Do you own or manage a grocery store and need money to:

  • Remodel
  • Expand
  • Purchase Inventory
  • Make Payroll
  • Meet Increasing Sales
  • Take Advantage of Volume Discounts

You can find some find some very attractive 6, 9 and 12-month term options. You can qualify for a grocery store business loan or an inventory loan with CFIC Funding even if traditional bank financing is not an option for you.

When you need to capture opportunities that ensure the success and growth of your business, it’s time to apply for a grocery store business loan with CFIC Funding. Loans can range from $5000 to $1,000,000.

Loans are provided to small businesses based on the business performance and the cash flow rather than your credit history. We’ll also provide you a decision in as little as 1 business day, funding in as little as 3 business days; no requirements or changes to your current credit card processor. Just fill out a simple application.

Get Started with CFIC Funding today:

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  2. We’ll Go Over Your Goals with you and Propose Programs to Match Your Needs
  3. Take a Minute to Fill Out Our Quick & Easy Application
  4. Choose the Best Program for You and Receive Financing Within a Few Business Days

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