How do I get started with factoring?

To get your invoice factoring account set up with CFIC Funding is fast and simple. It starts when you complete your simple application form and then return it to us via fax or e-mail.

You may call us to obtain our simple application and discuss your specific situation with us.

When we receive the application, your account can be approved in a day or two. We will then overnight the documents to you, which you only need sign and overnight back.

Fax the invoices you wish to start with when you send the application so we can do our credit work while the documents are being signed.

And remember, there is no cost to set up your account. And there is no obligation until we fund a transaction.

The Truth About Factoring — Unwrap the Cash Held Up In Your Accounts Receivable

What is factoring?

How does factoring work?

Is Factoring For You?

Best of all, when you use CFIC Funding, Inc., you’ve added a group of business professionals to your team whose expertise can benefit you far beyond just financing. So, if you’re ready to move your business to the next level, call CFIC Funding at 310-421-7370 today.