How Does Factoring Work?

Factoring is very clear-cut, easy-to-use and trouble-free process. When you wish to factor invoices or accounts receivable, you send them, as well as your supporting documents, by fax and mail the originals.

The lender will then advance you between 80% and 90% against these invoices or accounts receivable by sending a wire transfer directly to your secure bank account. When collection is received from your customer,  the lender retains the amount originally advanced plus a fee, and returns the balance to you.

CFIC Funding, Inc. offers a combination of flexibility and is your experienced financing partner.

  • No contract term – You can stop factoring at any time you choose
  • No Minimums – You have no obligation to factor invoices. You can do it one month and not the next.
  • Fair Terms – Flexible advance percentage and reasonable rate structure.
  • Personal Service – You always deal directly with a decision maker who tries to accommodate your needs.

Call us to discuss your financing needs. We are happy to review the various financing alternatives available so you can make the best decision that fits your unique situation.

The Truth About Factoring– Unwrap the Cash Held Up In Your Accounts Receivable

What is factoring?

Is Factoring For You?

How do I get started with factoring?

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