Peeling Back the Curtain of a Typical Funding Process

Want to know what happens when you your loan application or request is received? In most cases, it will go something like this…..

The first look

In most cases, your lender wants to make an initial determination of interest and fit in a matter of a few minutes after receiving a business plan or formal request for investment. So, be sure to provide a compelling description of how your plans for the loan or investment proceeds are safe and profitable.

If they do decide to move forward, the review process moves at a deliberate pace from there. But if your company is too early stage or your opportunity doesn’t quite suit them today for other reasons, don’t stop here. I assure you, there are other lenders that may be a better match for your individual situation.

A longer conversation

Those companies that do meet with the lenders financing or investment criteria move on to the next step in the process. Often that’s a meeting or conversation with the management team. The lender’s goal in this meeting is to learn more and evaluate the company’s management team, business model and market prospects. They will want to see if there is a good overall fit between their operating philosophy and yours. If there is a mutual interest in proceeding further, additional conversations or meetings will typically follow.

The conversations and meeting will include additional research and analysis of the business with the goal of better understanding the company’s long-term potential for success and how they might contribute to that success. You should be prepared to discuss your products and services, your market’s dynamics and competition as well as your market positioning and what individual attributes will spell success for you. You should have already developed and shared some comprehensive financial models to help bring the range of your upside potential into sharper focus.

Virtually all of our applicants and development partners find every lender’s due diligence process to be overly thorough and too time-consuming. In a typical scenario, the entire financing process from first meeting to funding can range anywhere from 45 days to several months, depending in part on how long it takes to negotiate a term sheet and provide any additional documentation required. The time from signing a term sheet to closing an investment typically ranges from 45 to 90 days, depending in part on how well the lender or investor knows the business and borrower at the start of due diligence but also how quickly you can facilitate their due diligence process.

You probably won’t like it, but the truth of the matter is, lenders and investors rarely communicate actively and openly through the entire investment process. Many find that this approach facilitates a natural timing to a successful close that fits the particulars of the investment. So, don’t hesitate to call them every couple of weeks if you haven’t heard from them or made other arrangements.

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