Press Release: CFIC Funding Introduces Forestry Equipment Financing Program

San Pedro, California, April 21, 2014 – Demonstrating their 12-year commitment to small businesses in the United States, leading independent financing company CFIC Funding introduces a Forestry Equipment Financing Program. Companies with good as well as bad credit can benefit. The program offers the ability for forestry and logging business owners a tool to poise their companies for success. CFIC Funding strives to make forestry equipment financing easy, efficient and cost effective.

“The importance of equipment procurement for small businesses cannot be underestimated. A vital component of procuring equipment is the financing available” said David Young, Executive Director of CFIC Funding.

“We do our part to help small forestry and logging companies find the right financing for their needs while keeping long term goals in mind”, added Wayne Clinton, Finance Director at the firm. “We provide fast, dependable funding with programs designed to help small businesses increase cash flow for business growth and expansion.”

A Forestry Equipment Financing Program is now available for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to support their need for capital. After all, SMBs are the mainspring of the US economy. Oftentimes their cash flow challenges can be avoided or solved with services offered by CFIC Funding.

About CFIC Funding

Headquartered in San Pedro, CA, the firm has a 12-year reputation for being a knowledgeable and diligent provider of equipment financing, working capital and invoice financing. They offer financial services to a wide-range of industries needing capital to take their company to the next level of success.

To learn more about forestry equipment financing with good or bad credit CFIC Funding at 424-224-7084 or visit the website at