Sharpen Your Axe to Get Your Commercial Loan Funded

Often the secret for success in any funding effort comes by asking for the right type of loan. If you’ve had problems getting a loan it’s time to sharpen your axe by taking a new approach. As an example, we had a client a few years ago that called us because his local banks were not willing to give him the loan he was after. He needed to get more equipment and hire some additional staff. He had an excellent opportunity to lock down some long-term commitments from a couple of his regular customers. He was just about at his wits end and didn’t know what to do. He decided to call us.

He explained that he had gone to a couple of private lenders he was referred to and still couldn’t get to 1st base. Talking to him we discovered that he had some credit problems revolving around his divorce a few years earlier. His ex knew his social security number and decided to get some new credit cards then ran up the bills and never told him about it. Even though he had paid everything back, it still looked bad on his credit report.

However, he did have some used equipment in good condition that was free and clear. He also had regular income from several creditworthy customers. His problem was that these customers didn’t always pay him on time. This added to his problem, as this would cause him to be a little late making some of his payments.

It immediately became clear to us that he was not asking for the right type of loans to accomplish his goals. We restructured his loan request and freed up some immediate cash for him with his used equipment. At the same time, we got him several hundred thousand dollars for new equipment. Then we took his slow paying customers and got him a commercial line of credit for $300,000 using receivables as security for financing.

He was soon in a position to lock down the long-term contracts and hire the additional staff he needed to grow. This was all done without one penny coming from a bank.

Sadly, this is not uncommon. Many times a good, honest business owner can really struggle to grow their business because they just don’t realize that there are other lenders that will work with them if they provide the right information. Often, it’s just because they can’t find the right lenders that are comfortable with their industry and credit history.

They are out there. Plus, they’re looking for more business people to fund.

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