Small Business Working Capital Loans Demystified

Discover The Quick, Easy, Problem-free Way
Small Business Owners Can Get Working Capital

What is a Working Capital Loan?

A Working Capital Loan is a short term loan (3 to 18 months) whose purpose is to finance the day to day operations of a company.

Who Can Get a Working Capital Loan?

Both new businesses that are trying to expand and older companies looking to restructure can benefit from a working capital loan.

Most business that make $8,000 a month or more will qualify. Even when a bank has said no, alternative lenders approve about 90% of businesses who make sufficient income.

The cash flow of the business is the main factor for determining if a business qualifies.

When Can A Business Use A Working Capital Loan?

Anytime a business needs assistance in covering regular day-today costs, the owner should consider a working capital loan.

Let’s look at an example of Harry who owns the ACME Transportation Company. Harry’s business generates great revenue and his customers are loyal to ACME.

However, one of Harry’s Commercial Trucks needed an expensive repair. Harry was able to get a working capital loan to repair the vehicle and to continue to offer his customers great service and maintain his income.

“Working Capital Loans are a small business owners best kept secret.The loan I got really saved the day.”  Harry

Working Capital Loans May Be Used For


Increase Working Capital

Purchase Inventory

Purchase Equipment

Repair Equipment



New Opportunities


Business Rent

Employee Payroll


Benefits of a Working Capital Loan

Quick approval giving business owners access to funds within a few days

Businesses can stay afloat during slow business months

Lack of sufficient financing is among the top 5 reasons for business failure

Sufficient financing can be the life-blood of any business success story.

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