Working Capital Loans – Business Loan $5k to $500k

Often a merchant or business cash advance against future sales is how to get money for your business. Many business owners and merchants caught in a cash flow crunch find a working capital loan (a type of business loan where the loan is based on future sales) is the ideal solution for their cash flow needs.

Announcing a new Express Working Capital Loan Program, with a streamlined application and funding process for loans from $5k to $500K!  Pick up the phone and call 1-424-224-7084 or 1-424-222-0080 now!

Working Capital Loan/Merchant Cash Advance Loan

Here’s What to Do Now:

Fill out and return a one-page application

Send us three months of bank statements and 3 months of your merchant account statements

(If you don’t process credit cards, then send 6 months of bank statements)

Send a copy of your Drivers License

Send a copy of your Business License

Send a copy of Voided Check from the account where you want your funds deposited

When Business Owners Ask… How Can I Get Money?

I have cash flow challenges… I need to buy/lease new equipment… I need money to advertise… I need money to purchase inventory… I need to make payroll.  How can I get money?  When You Need to Get Money:

A Working Capital Loan or Merchant Cash Advance Loan may be your best choice…

Here’s A Few Reasons Why Business Owners Choose This Program:

Business Loans up to $500,000 Per Location

No Additional Collateral Required

Approval Based on Gross Sales (Not credit card sales)

Funding is 5 Business Days

Interest is Tax Deductible

No Application Fees

Loan up to 18 months

Decision in 2 Business Days

Renewable for Additional Capital

Business Borrower Guidelines:

Minimum time in business – 1 year

Minimum FICO score 500

5 deposits per month

Maximum of 10 NSF’s per month

Minimum Annual Revenue: $100,000

Since this is not against credit card sales, businesses without credit card sales can get approved and funded. Take advantage of unexpected opportunities even if you are short on funds. Whatever your money needs, think of CFIC Funding CFIC Funding is where to get money!

Get money now… Pick up the phone and Dial 1-424-224-7084 or 1-424-222-0080! 

CFIC Working Capital Application


Small Business and Middle Market Business Loans

When your business needs loan, a prompt response and fast funding can make a world of difference.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an established business or a start-up, a lack of ready cash can make or break your business—even when sales are through the roof.

At these times, business owners want a lender that provides fast decisions, delivers cash in a hurry and takes time to understand their needs.

That’s why so many business owners like you rely on CFIC to craft sensible business  loan programs and funding solutions for the financial and operational enrichment of their company.

When your bank, credit union or other funding sources aren’t providing the cash support you need, that’s where CFIC Funding comes in. Even with less than perfect credit, you can get the financing you need.

Take a few minutes to review our website and you’ll quickly see that you’re in the right place. Or, to save time, just give us a call at 310-370-4871 and let’s get started on getting you the cash you need for your business today.

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Your direct source to the business loan you need to support any type of legitimate business loan or lease.  Call CFIC Funding, today at 1-424-224-7084

Competitive rates for virtually any business with A to D credit profiles

Access Small Business financing for transactions from $10,000 and up

Get Project & Middle Market financing with virtually no maximum amount

Discover the Keys to Unlocking Your Lender’s Cash Vault

You want financing to increase your revenue and profitability, but do you really know what a lender or investor is looking for? Well pay close attention because, regardless of whether you want $5,000 or $500 million dollars, lenders and investors want pretty much the same thing. They want a transaction with minimal or no risk.

No surprise there, huh? Well how do they determine the level of risk associated with a transaction? There is no short answer to that question, but we can start with a responsible, experienced and innovative management team. They look for management teams that:

• Are interested in building a sustainable and profitable business model
• Has industry experience in developing a successful business
• Works well together, complementing each other’s collaborative style
• Has skin in the game from investing their own funds in the business
• Has a management integrity that incorporates respect for their employees

Strong management teams are far more likely to establish the day-to-day operational procedures that lead to success. They have that rare perspective gained by experience to identify changing market trends and know what to do to address them and still gain market share. With a strong management team, even prior credit issues are less of an issue during the funding process.

If you have a well-planned project, credit worthy customers, sensible contracts and a willingness to cooperate, then you can find a lender or investor that will be privileged to help and finance you in growing your business. If one lender or investor won’t do it, another one will. You just have to provide them with a well conceived, compelling proposition

What we’re talking about here goes right back to good, comprehensive documentation. If you’re not sure what that documentation should be or how to say it, feel free to ask for help. Remember, the only bad question is the question never asked.

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Peeling Back the Curtain of a Typical Funding Process

Want to know what happens when you your loan application or request is received? In most cases, it will go something like this…..

The first look

In most cases, your lender wants to make an initial determination of interest and fit in a matter of a few minutes after receiving a business plan or formal request for investment. So, be sure to provide a compelling description of how your plans for the loan or investment proceeds are safe and profitable.

If they do decide to move forward, the review process moves at a deliberate pace from there. But if your company is too early stage or your opportunity doesn’t quite suit them today for other reasons, don’t stop here. I assure you, there are other lenders that may be a better match for your individual situation.

A longer conversation

Those companies that do meet with the lenders financing or investment criteria move on to the next step in the process. Often that’s a meeting or conversation with the management team. The lender’s goal in this meeting is to learn more and evaluate the company’s management team, business model and market prospects. They will want to see if there is a good overall fit between their operating philosophy and yours. If there is a mutual interest in proceeding further, additional conversations or meetings will typically follow.

The conversations and meeting will include additional research and analysis of the business with the goal of better understanding the company’s long-term potential for success and how they might contribute to that success. You should be prepared to discuss your products and services, your market’s dynamics and competition as well as your market positioning and what individual attributes will spell success for you. You should have already developed and shared some comprehensive financial models to help bring the range of your upside potential into sharper focus.

Virtually all of our applicants and development partners find every lender’s due diligence process to be overly thorough and too time-consuming. In a typical scenario, the entire financing process from first meeting to funding can range anywhere from 45 days to several months, depending in part on how long it takes to negotiate a term sheet and provide any additional documentation required. The time from signing a term sheet to closing an investment typically ranges from 45 to 90 days, depending in part on how well the lender or investor knows the business and borrower at the start of due diligence but also how quickly you can facilitate their due diligence process.

You probably won’t like it, but the truth of the matter is, lenders and investors rarely communicate actively and openly through the entire investment process. Many find that this approach facilitates a natural timing to a successful close that fits the particulars of the investment. So, don’t hesitate to call them every couple of weeks if you haven’t heard from them or made other arrangements.

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You can also contact us to ask questions and voice your concerns. Just pick up the phone and dial, CFIC Funding, Inc. today at 310-421-7370! Ask for David Young or Wayne Clinton. You can also visit or mail or

How To Get Your Loan Request Approved Faster

You want financing. You know that your business is a people business. One of the main objectives of a people business should be to make it easy to do business with you. So let’s help you make it easy for your lender to do business with you by approving and funding your loan request.

We review loan requests and new projects daily for a direct lender and a private equity group. Did you know that you can avoid the pet peeves that many underwriters have? A real thorn in the side of the underwriter’s and lender is when a developer or borrower will virtually hide how much capital they want to raise. We often get an executive summary’s or copy’s of a business plan and are expected to hunt through pages and pages of fluff and non-essential information to find out how much money they want to borrow.

Remember, we are in the finance business. We are NOT in your business or industry. We may look to support your industry or class of business, but we are in the business of providing growth capital in one form or another.

Consequently, on page one, you should always be sure to prominently state how much money you need to borrow to accomplish your goal and how long you want to pay it back.

If you know what type of loan structure(s) you want to utilize, please add that as well. For instance, if you want to secure the loan with real estate, inventory, equipment, receivables, stocks, bonds, etc. or any combination thereof, say so. This can help you save lots of time and make it easier for the underwriter to move your loan request along to approval. If you make it hard for the underwriter or lender to find the information they need, then you will find it far more difficult to get what you want.

Second, don’t try to tell the lender what kind of rate you want. By doing so before they are truly interested, you will probably find your loan request rejected. Do NOT kid yourself thinking you will qualify for the same rate as Microsoft or IBM. It’s highly unlikely you will. However, once you do have some documented interest from a lender in the form of an LOI or term sheet, that’s when you can discuss better interest rates.

Third, when you provide your projections in a proforma or financial model, most underwriters prefer to see them in an Excel spreadsheet format as it is far easier to track line items over several months or years. Often we’ll get a proforma or financial model in a PDF and end up having to tell the developer/borrower to convert it to an Excel format. This can add several days to the approval and funding process. But, with just a little forethought, you can easily avoid such a delay.

Remember, your lender and their underwriters, can be critically important to the growth of your business. But, at the end of the day, they are just human. Try to make it easy for them to understand your vision. Try to make it easy for them to do business with you.

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You can also contact us to ask questions and voice your concerns. Just pick up the phone and dial, CFIC Funding, Inc. today at 310-421-7370! Ask for David Young or Wayne Clinton. You can also visit or mail or