Crane Financing – Fast Funding, Easy Application, A–D Credit

Crane Financing – Fast Funding, Easy Application, A–D Credit

  • Crane Equipment Leases and Loans From $10,000 to $5 Million––even more
  • Approvals in 48 hours or less
  • Best rates for A to D credit profiles (Bankruptcies OK if discharged)
  • Flexible Terms for Your Individual Business Needs

Matching the financing program that best suits the needs of your company is an important consideration. Call CFIC Funding today and learn how quick and easy it is to get the money you need to acquire new and pre-owned crane equipment. You’ll get fast moving transactions and competitive rates whether you have AAA or D credit.

A variety of Crane Equipment Finance programs may suit your situation best:


Lease Purchase

Sale Leaseback

True or Tax Lease

Capital Lease

Operating Lease

Tax Lease Purchase (TLP)

Off-Balance Sheet Financing

Fixed and Floating Rates

Application only Credit Program

You can get crane equipment financing for virtually any type of crane with CFIC Funding.

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You can even get money for your now or pre-owned crane plus, you can have extended warranties included in your lease or loan. Just call Wayne or David at 310-421-7370 or 310-370-4871 today.

Small and Mid-Range Businesses Rush to Grab Section 179 Bonus Depreciation

Torrance, CA – (PRLOG – December 13, 2012) – With the clock ticking, small and mid-sized businesses are sprinting towards the close of the Section 179 Bonus Depreciation finish-line.

The purchase or lease of new and pre-owned equipment can provide the linchpin needed to open new opportunities for profit, growth and business success. Fortunately, there is still a window open to lower the expense by writing-off a healthy portion of the purchase price of qualifying equipment when it goes into use before the year comes to an end. This is the last year where you can write off as much as $125,000 in equipment acquisitions. Next year, and for the foreseeable future, the maximum amount you can write off is only $25,000.

“Given the tax advantage and a favorable lending climate, small companies have a chance to make the most of some terrific values”, according to CFIC Funding, Inc. “New or pre-owned equipment financing is a fantastic success and expansion strategy and the Section 179 Bonus Deduction makes it a no-brainer.”

With the bonus depreciation allowed in Section 179, a small business can take the entire purchase price of the equipment that qualifies and depreciate it in one year, rather than the more common five to seven year depreciation time-line.

Why the race against the clock? The idea behind the Section 179 bonus depreciation tax break was simple. Stimulate growth of the US Economy by creating an environment that encourages expansion. However there is no expected renewal on Section 179. The good news is there’s still time to grab the tax saving for small businesses who act swiftly.

Small business owners are encouraged to move forward hastily with their purchase of qualifying equipment that includes: equipment and machines purchased for business use; tangible property used in business, business vehicles with a gross weight in excess of 6,000 pounds; computers; computer Off-the-Shelf-Software; office furniture; large manufacturing tools and more. CFIC Funding states that: “Approval and funding can occur quickly so the good news is… there is still time to get in under the wire.”

As business owners throughout the US are aware, successful ventures make the most of legal tax incentives to reduce their operating expenses thus increasing profit margins. The IRS Section 179 Bonus Deduction is an easy to use tax break. Small businesses have an opportunity to invest in their own business adding capital equipment needed for growth and expansion.

About CFIC Funding

Headquartered in Torrance, CA, CFIC Funding has provided quick, reliable funding to businesses throughout the US that use the Section 179 bonus depreciation, tax deduction. CFIC Funding has a reputation as being a knowledgeable and diligent provider of invoice factoring, accounts receivable factoring, equipment financing and project financing for small to mid-sized businesses. They offer financial services to major industries including: manufacturing, freight, transportation, consulting firms, service providers, staffing firms, distributors, manufacturers, medical service providers and power project developers.

To learn more about equipment financing and how you can take advantage of this opportunity, call CFIC Funding at 310-370-4871 or visit the website at Business owners are encouraged to visit the IRS website and consult their tax advisors for details.

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Working Capital Loans – Business Loan $5k to $500k

Often a merchant or business cash advance against future sales is how to get money for your business. Many business owners and merchants caught in a cash flow crunch find a working capital loan (a type of business loan where the loan is based on future sales) is the ideal solution for their cash flow needs.

Announcing a new Express Working Capital Loan Program, with a streamlined application and funding process for loans from $5k to $500K!  Pick up the phone and call 1-424-224-7084 or 1-424-222-0080 now!

Working Capital Loan/Merchant Cash Advance Loan

Here’s What to Do Now:

Fill out and return a one-page application

Send us three months of bank statements and 3 months of your merchant account statements

(If you don’t process credit cards, then send 6 months of bank statements)

Send a copy of your Drivers License

Send a copy of your Business License

Send a copy of Voided Check from the account where you want your funds deposited

When Business Owners Ask… How Can I Get Money?

I have cash flow challenges… I need to buy/lease new equipment… I need money to advertise… I need money to purchase inventory… I need to make payroll.  How can I get money?  When You Need to Get Money:

A Working Capital Loan or Merchant Cash Advance Loan may be your best choice…

Here’s A Few Reasons Why Business Owners Choose This Program:

Business Loans up to $500,000 Per Location

No Additional Collateral Required

Approval Based on Gross Sales (Not credit card sales)

Funding is 5 Business Days

Interest is Tax Deductible

No Application Fees

Loan up to 18 months

Decision in 2 Business Days

Renewable for Additional Capital

Business Borrower Guidelines:

Minimum time in business – 1 year

Minimum FICO score 500

5 deposits per month

Maximum of 10 NSF’s per month

Minimum Annual Revenue: $100,000

Since this is not against credit card sales, businesses without credit card sales can get approved and funded. Take advantage of unexpected opportunities even if you are short on funds. Whatever your money needs, think of CFIC Funding CFIC Funding is where to get money!

Get money now… Pick up the phone and Dial 1-424-224-7084 or 1-424-222-0080! 

CFIC Working Capital Application