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When your business needs loan, a prompt response and fast funding can make a world of difference.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an established business or a start-up, a lack of ready cash can make or break your business—even when sales are through the roof.

At these times, business owners want a lender that provides fast decisions, delivers cash in a hurry and takes time to understand their needs.

That’s why so many business owners like you rely on CFIC to craft sensible business  loan programs and funding solutions for the financial and operational enrichment of their company.

When your bank, credit union or other funding sources aren’t providing the cash support you need, that’s where CFIC Funding comes in. Even with less than perfect credit, you can get the financing you need.

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Oil & Gas Financing: What All The Experts Agree Works Best

One of the toughest categories to get funds for is financing the extraction of in-ground assets. What are in-ground assets? We’re talking about oil & gas. Also mining projects of all types. Whether it’s coal, copper, iron, gypsum or any other mineral that has to be taken out of the ground.

Why is it so hard to get funds for these extraction activities? Because the risk of failure is historically very high. Even so, if you have a plan that makes fiscal sense, when you put the right information in front of the right lender or investor, you can get the cash you need. You can get debt and/or equity financing. You can even get joint venture partners.

The information you need to provide is not so different than what’s required for financing of other types of projects. You’ll need a clear business plan and financial model so the lender or investor can see your vision. Be sure to provide a thorough description of the market, its history and upside potential.

One of the most important documents that will absolutely be necessary is a recent 3rd party reserve report that provides a clearly stated estimate of the recoverable mineral reserves available. Many times we see reserve reports prepared by individuals that are members of the development team. This will NOT work as these reports will certainly be viewed as a conflict of interest. An independent 3rd party that has no other ties to the borrower/developer must be used to develop it.

Provide detailed resumes on the management team that proves you have the experience, background and ability to successfully manage and operate such an endeavor. Prepare a detailed schedule of the permits and licenses required to begin construction and/or operation with realistic timelines needed to obtain any you don not already have.

If you are already operating and generating revenue, be sure to give them copies of your last 5 years of financial statements and balance sheets. If you’re a start-up, it will be more difficult, but still very possible to get funded.

There are far fewer lenders and investors that will fund the extraction of in-ground assets than there are for other types of projects.

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How To Leverage Your Relationships Properly And Fund your Project or Business

Recently we’ve seen projects with good potential abandoned primarily because the developer didn’t properly leverage their relationships. In two cases, the developer relied on a 3rd party to get them an audience with a person of influence. After their initial meeting it was decided there was mutual interest to move forward. It later became obvious that the developer didn’t have realistic expectations or fully understand that there was far more required to prepare their projects for financing. Let’s face it… there is only so much that these persons of influence can do to help them.

In one case, it quickly became clear that the developer over-valued the introduction. So much so, that when it came time to finance their project, the offers to fund the project that were obtained left the developer with far less than they had hoped for. Sure the developer had done a decent job at preparing their paperwork, finding appropriate sites, feedstock and off-takers. But their commitment to the introducing party was so excessive, that the project fell apart because none of the parties involved was willing to take a lesser amount than they were led to believe they deserved.

This was a classic case of greed and unrealistic expectations.

In another case, the introduction was made. An appreciable amount of work was done to prepare the business plan and financial model. The developer found a suitable site for the project and got commitments for their feedstock. They even identified a potential lender that was interested.

What did they do wrong? They didn’t take the lenders advice before rushing back in front of the influential party. Sure, they had their meeting, but without having their project properly structured, the outcome from the meeting was, like the other group, far less than what they had hoped for. Like the other group, it was so different from what they had planned for, that the developer had to scrap the project altogether.

Would one consider these signs of inexperience and unrealistic expectations? Not hard to make that case. But, the bottom line is, an introduction is only worth so much. It’s certainly, not worth 10% or more of any project. Also, no matter who introduces you to the influential person, you still need to make a top-flight presentation and demonstrate that by working with you they are not undertaking any greater risk than normal. Preferably, less risk.

Project financing and business funding can involve complex issues and concerns. It is your responsibility as the developer or business owner to prove that you have taken all these issues into account and have taken the necessary steps to fully protect the primary participants.

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A Little Mistake That Could Cost You a Fortune

One of the biggest mistakes developers make is trying to do too much too soon. We regularly talk with developers that have good ideas but never get past 1st base in the financing arena. Why? Because rather than focusing on completing one project, they commit too much of their limited resources trying to move 2, 3, 4 or more projects forward simultaneously.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. Plan your projects and move them forward to completion one at a time. Be prepared to get bad news from your local banks. If this happens, don’t give up.

There are non-traditional financing alternatives available that can fund most of your planned energy, clean energy, manufacturing and infrastructure projects when qualified.

When you properly plan and structure your project, you can access these performance-capable, lenders that offer a financing model that provides 100% financing for qualifying projects.

These lenders can provide very attractive terms for construction, mergers and acquisitions, recapitalizations and more.

You of all people know that in today’s financial market, business owners and project developers like you need creative finance models matched with performance capable capital sources with a voracious appetite for growth opportunities in your industry and class of business.

Many projects already have the qualifying components to obtain this financing. When properly structured, projects are almost guaranteed to receive 100% financing. Funds are usually available within 90 days or less of completing the required documentation.

The lender has been virtually unaffected by the recent economic downturn and is actively seeking renewable energy, manufacturing and infrastructure projects of all types to fund.

You can get assistance in properly structuring your project and/or loan request to qualify for these alternative funding sources. With stakes this high, you shouldn’t think twice about asking for help.

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How to Get Money for Business Success

Many business executives and owners pose a simple question: How can I get money? We need working capital. We need to upgrade our equipment. We need a line of credit. Where can I get money?

Getting your business financed is arguably one of the most important steps needed for success. Yet very few business owners really understand how lenders, underwriters and loan committees make decisions. Like many businesses, yours may be faced with the challenge of needing to raise funds or you’ll limit growth and miss profit opportunities.

So off you run to your bank and “ask” for a loan… only to be faced with the less than favorable response. Asking soon becomes one frustration after another and then many simply give up. Sound familiar?

Well don’t give up… there is more than just hope… success may be only one strategy around the corner. That’s where this blog proves to help. It will show you where to get money. It will show you how to get money. There are very common mistakes, misconceptions and misunderstandings in getting approved and successfully funded that we’ll help you avoid.

Once you know how to ask to get money, where to ask to get money and who to ask to get money… you’ll find that success can be as simple as
‘painting by the numbers’!

In this blog you’ll discover priceless knowledge in business financing that even most bankers, CPA’s, attorneys and loan brokers don’t know or won’t tell you.  Why is that? The answer is in specialization.

Bankers specialize in the lending appetite of their employer who may have little to do with your specific money needs. Attorney’s specialize in legal aspects of loan contracts but may not have all the answers that you need to acquire funds for your business. CPA’s specialize in financial reports and tax issues, but just like the attorneys, they share the same disadvantage of not fully understanding how to get you across the financial finish line. Loan brokers often specialize in a particular type of loan, such as real estate or SBA financing and may look at your loan through the wrong “set of glasses.”

You’ll Learn How to Think Like a Lender and Get Money…

What if you could be a fly on the wall during a ‘loan committee’ meeting concerning your loan request? Better yet, what if you could set the stage in your favor? It’s not only possible, but highly probable once you know the strategy.

The good news is… you’re not stranded! This blog is your compass and will help you cut straight through the red tape to find your way to securing business loans from banks and private lenders alike.

Most traditional lending sources only offer programs focused on particular industries and certain sized business that they’re comfortable with, which may not match the needs of your business or project. On the other hand, there are virtually dozens of viable programs and hundreds of funding sources worldwide that are compatible with your needs. Most importantly, what this means to you is, you can now access the best programs and sources of cash for your specific money needs!

We’ll be covering the following types of loans and how your best strategy may ultimately be a combination of these loans that most appropriately fits your business:

• 100% Financing
• Contract Financing
• Project Financing
• Acquisition-Funding
• Start-up Loans
• Inventory Loans
• Accounts Receivable Loans
• Factoring
• Purchase Order Financing
• Working Capital Loans
• Agricultural Loans
• Equipment Leasing
• Loans using equipment as collateral
• Commercial Property Loans
• Unsecured Borrowing
• Business Lines of Credit
• Warehouse Financing
• Machinery Loans
• Flooring Lines
• International Loans
• Real Estate Development Loans
• Construction Financing
• Virtually ANY Type of Business Loan

There are sources of cash ready to handle any type of legitimate business loan or lease you need. However, most business owners don’t know who they are or what to send them.

This blog is where you learn….

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