Small Business Financing – Here’s a Simple Way to Get Cash for Your Business Even When the Banks Are Saying NO

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? As a business owner you need cash for inventory, payroll, advertising or more. You ask yourself, “When is it going to get easier to get cash—and what do we do meanwhile?” Well, you are not alone. A lot of business owners are asking themselves that same question, right now.

It’s been a situation small-business owners have struggled with since the economy melted down. Sadly, business banks reacted to the financial crisis by tightening their lending standards.

Now, despite the slow but steady recovery, it’s still tough for many small businesses to get a traditional bank loan. Businesses that were once able to borrow whenever they needed the capital to grow or to survive are now struggling to keep their doors open.

“I had opportunities to grow my business, but I was losing out because I lacked the capital I needed to seize the opportunities I worked so hard to bring in.”

“Cash flow has been tighter than usual and sometimes I needed a loan to purchase inventory, equipment, make payroll or fulfill my obligations to my vendors. I’ve been in business for over

8 years, but even now that the economy is picking up, I was still unable to take full advantage of the upswing in the market because of the lack of business lending from banks.” Bill H, owner of  a logging company in Frazeyburg, Ohio told us.

Like many owners Bill began looking toward other sources of financing, such as an alternative lender. Increasingly more and more business owners are leveraging short term, unsecured business loans to achieve their financing goals.

Fortunately, there’s good news!

CFIC Funding is a great option for businesses that need a short-term loan with flexible re-payment options and funding in as little as 24 hours.

Instead of looking at just your credit score, we take more of a “360 Degree” look at your business to determine what your best lending options are. We work with our partners to get you the funding you need and, simultaneously, fill in those gaps where traditional banks are failing to serve small business owners.” David Young President of CFIC Funding stated.

Having options and flexibility is very important to me said Tharron S., owner of a transportation firm in Wilmington, DE said, “I rest a lot easier every night knowing that when opportunities arise or any cash flow needs come up, I’m able to access the cash I need, when I need it. I can now handle a situation before a small problem snowballs into something bigger because of the lack of capital.”

“I also like the fact that we can usually get everything we need within 4 or 5 working days.”

If you are a business owner or manager who wants to learn more about alternative business financing options, you can find more information at or…

Call 424-224-7084!

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Working Capital Loans – Business Loan $5k to $500k

Often a merchant or business cash advance against future sales is how to get money for your business. Many business owners and merchants caught in a cash flow crunch find a working capital loan (a type of business loan where the loan is based on future sales) is the ideal solution for their cash flow needs.

Announcing a new Express Working Capital Loan Program, with a streamlined application and funding process for loans from $5k to $500K!  Pick up the phone and call 1-424-224-7084 or 1-424-222-0080 now!

Working Capital Loan/Merchant Cash Advance Loan

Here’s What to Do Now:

Fill out and return a one-page application

Send us three months of bank statements and 3 months of your merchant account statements

(If you don’t process credit cards, then send 6 months of bank statements)

Send a copy of your Drivers License

Send a copy of your Business License

Send a copy of Voided Check from the account where you want your funds deposited

When Business Owners Ask… How Can I Get Money?

I have cash flow challenges… I need to buy/lease new equipment… I need money to advertise… I need money to purchase inventory… I need to make payroll.  How can I get money?  When You Need to Get Money:

A Working Capital Loan or Merchant Cash Advance Loan may be your best choice…

Here’s A Few Reasons Why Business Owners Choose This Program:

Business Loans up to $500,000 Per Location

No Additional Collateral Required

Approval Based on Gross Sales (Not credit card sales)

Funding is 5 Business Days

Interest is Tax Deductible

No Application Fees

Loan up to 18 months

Decision in 2 Business Days

Renewable for Additional Capital

Business Borrower Guidelines:

Minimum time in business – 1 year

Minimum FICO score 500

5 deposits per month

Maximum of 10 NSF’s per month

Minimum Annual Revenue: $100,000

Since this is not against credit card sales, businesses without credit card sales can get approved and funded. Take advantage of unexpected opportunities even if you are short on funds. Whatever your money needs, think of CFIC Funding CFIC Funding is where to get money!

Get money now… Pick up the phone and Dial 1-424-224-7084 or 1-424-222-0080! 

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