The Truth About Factoring

Unwrap the Cash Held Up In Your Accounts Receivable

Your business has cash available to it through a fast, reliable and often overlooked method of financing … Factoring.

Many businesses often find themselves in a cash bind because they offer credit to their customers for 30 days or more. That’s good customer service and while it helps acquire that customer it can bottleneck your cash flow, can’t it? You’re nodding your head. Yes.

After all, you still have regular expenses to pay including payroll. This problem gets even larger as sales grow.

Fortunately, you can leap right over that hurdle with Factoring. Your invoices and accounts receivable are used as collateral for short-term loans that provide you with immediate cash to meet these commitments.

What is factoring?

How does factoring work?

Is Factoring For You?

How do I get started with factoring?

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