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A few years ago, we had a client seeking a total of $13,500,000, which equaled about 65% of the appraised value based on an “as completed value”. The funds would be used to acquire a 40,480sf commercial building in Northern California. The purchase price was $9,500,000. The “as converted” MAI appraised value was $20,600,000. There was approximately $1,000,000 in costs and fees to close and fund the transaction with another $2,000,000 needed to build out the interior spaces as planned.

The “as complete” plan called for the conversion of the Property from general office into 40 Medical Office Condominiums about 4 months after the renovation work was completed. Each unit would then be approximately 1,000sf. Zoning, parking and planning department requirements for conversion were met.

The Property was already 75% leased to 2 tenants. NOI was about $1,200,000. We were told that both of the tenants signed a letter of intent to purchase 10 of the Condo units (for a total of 10,000sf) upon approval of the conversion to medical office condos for $6,000,000.

After we helped the developer revise his loan package, we got them an experienced real estate investment firm to provide the cash equity required. Upon completion of their review, our favorite bank at the time offered the developers a total loan amount of $8.7 million with an 18-month term for the acquisition and construction expenses at 9% interest rate that would convert to a 7.5% permanent loan with a 7-year term and 20 year amortization.

Our client executed the LOI and the other internal bank loan documents then was able to close and get funded in 5 weeks.

It’s like we say all the time, if you put the right information in front of the right lender, you will get the cash you need.

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