The Truth About Trucking Factoring––How to Stabilize Your Cash Flow!

Every trucking company knows that cash flow is the king when it comes to operating a successful and profitable trucking operation.

You incurred expenses the minute cargo has been loaded on your truck. And even more once you complete delivery. You lived up to your end of the bargain. So now it’s time to get paid, right? Even with the best paying freight customers, the industry average of 43 days before your freight bill gets paid can hurt most companies.

That’s why so many trucking companies choose factoring.

If you have a slow paying freight customer Factoring can save, even grow your business. It’s vital for your small trucking company to preserve cash flow and keep enough money on hand needed to effectively handle the next load or opportunity.

Think about it. You’ve got to cover fuel, insurance and a host of other overhead expenses to handle that next load. You need cold hard cash to step up to that next freight opportunity.

So how do you bridge that gap? Truck Factoring is your key!

It a great tool to keep your small business profitable and gear up for your next opportunity.
Maintaining cash flow is the primary factor for your business to operate successfully. Bank financing is difficult to obtain even in the best of circumstances but more so in the first 24 months of a new trucking company when––they’re asking about your track record and real estate to use as collateral, aren’t they?

Are you waiting 30 to 45 days or longer to get compensated on your freight bill? Are late or slow pays making it difficult or even impossible to cover fuel, insurance, and other overhead expenses? Are you missing opportunities to take advantage of upcoming truckloads?

Consider Trucking or Freight bill factoring your unpaid invoices. Here’s why; because it’s a versatile solution to your cash flow needs that offers many benefits.

Remedies problematic delays in paying invoices

Finance company advances funds against your company’s freight payments

Freight factoring company settles transactions once your customer pays the bill

Factoring for trucking offers you quick cash no matter when your freight bill actually gets paid

Quick cash for up to 90% of an unpaid invoice’s value

Invest your time and energy chasing opportunities and not chasing your customers for money

Keep up with normal business operations allowing growth without roadblocks

Stop losing out on potential opportunities due to unstable cash flow.

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