Your Proven Path To Quick Cash

Sometimes, a client needs additional funds in order to complete a specific contract or purchase order from one of its customers. Often they need the funds quickly to service their client or customers immediate need. This is when Purchase Order Financing can be exactly what the doctor ordered.

As not all lenders offer the same loan structures, amounts or may not be comfortable with your industry or type of business, the right lender will save you time and wasted effort. By making sure that the correct information is put in front of the appropriate lender for your needs you can access the funds you need.

Purchase Order Financing can be a cost effective solution to a cash flow dilemma. Purchase Order Financing is a short-term funding technique used to finance the purchase or manufacture of goods that have been pre-sold to a creditworthy customer. Lenders that offer this specialized form of financing can assist in solving cash shortfalls by using the confirmed purchase orders as collateral.

How one uses the proceeds of any loan or investment is always a major subject of consideration. Most Purchase Order lenders will support your efforts in the following:

• Industrial / Manufacturing
• Government (federal / state / local)
• Intellectual Property
• Marketing / Media / Advertising
• Construction
• Agriculture (culture / harvest / processing)

You can use the cash from your advance against your Purchase Order to cover:

• Deposits
• Direct Manufacturing / Production / Construction
• Raw Materials
• Components and Sub-Assemblies
• Project-related Labor
• Overhead

You can get Purchase Order Financing on amounts from $10,000 and up. Loan terms can generally extend from 6 months to 24 months. On a case-by-case basis, longer loan terms can be provided. With the proper documentation, your loan can close and fund within 30 days or less. It’s not unusual to complete financing within 2 weeks of providing the required documentation to the right lender. So if you need cash quick, this may be your best option.

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